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About Us


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Carigu is an Australian-owned business and was born out of a need to provide functional gear for the modern-day chef to meet the demands of cooking. Inspired by his days working as a chef in Melbourne, Orian Ibraheim wanted to create a functional chef backpack that could store knives, tools, shoes, chef clothes and more in the one bag. So in 2021, the idea of the Melbourne Chef Backpack came to life.

Our goal is to provide chefs and cooks with the necessary gear to ensure you can be the best possible self in the kitchen. Our bags are tailored to any chef, whether you're an apprentice, a seasoned pro or an aspiring cook – we've made sure to accommodate the needs of all.

Carigu bags are made with recycled materials that are durable and weather-resistant, complete with Fidlock buckles and purpose-built sections, so you can store all your tools, uniform, and accessories with ease and without hassle. 


Establishing core business values allows us to act legally and ethically when maintaining a high standard of sustainability and business citizenship. The approach we take with product design reflects a need to focus on functionality and quality.

Keep Innovating
Sticking to the status quo is not an option. We develop new processes, observe, and then refine them to stay ahead of the game to build the best product. Our criteria rest on quality, function, durability, and purpose.

Doing Good
We choose to do good for our people and the planet. We know that addressing social and environmental issues is essential, so we assess our business practices regularly. We keep striving to make decisions that make a positive impact.

Every decision we make considers you, the customer, at the forefront. We aim to go above and beyond to build a win-win relationship.

Be Honest
We are transparent and forthright. Acting with integrity means you can trust us every step of the way.


We have carefully considered our manufacturing partner to ensure our products meet a high standard. We have partnered with a factory in Quanzhou, China, with over 13 years of experience processing high-grade bags and employing the utmost quality control management standards and procedures. Our current manufacturing partner has around 300 employees and we have worked with them since 2020.