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Our Materials

We have chosen materials that have a low impact on the environment to make sure our planet and people are kept happy by using a combination of virgin and post-consumer recycled fabrics in our flagship Melbourne Chef Backpack.

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Recycled fabrics

The recycled polyester fabrics we use in our bags perform just as well as virgin materials, with far less impact on the environment. 


Caring for your backpack 

To clean your backpack, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. For more serious stains, look for a high-grade multi-purpose fabric cleaner like you’d use on your sofa. Please avoid detergents or bleach. And as tempting as it might be, never put it through the washing machine. 

While our fabrics are durable and pretty excellent at resisting water and wear, it’s a good idea to keep sharp objects, such as your knives, covered with knife guards or sheaths and for other sharp tools to be packaged up properly, should you need to carry them. Small cuts in the lining or exterior fabric will weaken the overall durability and resistance.